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Buyer and Cellar

With a conspiratorial smirk, he lets the audience in on the joke, masterfully looping back to off-handed comments left earlier like comic time bombs, pausing just long enough to let the joke sink in and explode with laughter...Tucker is off-the-wall fun...

Portland Press Herald

It’s a Wonderful Life

Dustin Tucker...on local stages over the years, has established himself as an exceptional comedic force.

As You Like It

Tucker's seemingly bottomless arsenal of physical comic tricks and over-the-top goofy gags kept the play chugging along briskly, even when the "surprise" third act ending was long a foregone conclusion. From impossibly rubbery facial expressions to laugh-getting vocal explosions to an applause-inducing torrent of well-timed tap dancing, Tucker proved a comic triple threat, stealing the show with unbridled larcenous talent.