Tucker reveals himself, as he did in his recently acclaimed performance in Vigil, to be an actor of amazing technique and mercurial flair. He possesses an astounding vocal and physical facility, a scintillating sense of comic timing, and a wickedly ingratiating engagement with his audience.

As You Like It

Tucker gives a blistering triple-threat performance

The Idaho Statesman

As You Like It

From impossibly rubbery facial expressions to laugh-getting vocal explosions to an applause-inducing torrent of well-timed tap dancing, Tucker proved a comic triple threat, stealing the show with unbridled larcenous talent.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

The many faces of Portland actor Dustin Tucker

He has one of the most-recognized faces in Portland. He’s on stage as much as anyone, and as adroit as he is with his words and timing, Tucker’s ability to contort, bend and manipulate his eyes, eyebrows and other facial features makes his the most memorable mug in theater in Portland.

Portland Press Herald